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Changes from Monday 5th September

Please note that we will be making some changes from Monday 5th September 2016 and we can announce them here.

A new timetable booklet will be available from middle of August.

Individual Schools leaflets are being distributed to all Schools and Colleges affected.

X3 - To be WITHDRAWN last day Friday 2nd September 2016. Please see X6/X7.

X4 - Revised timetable.

X6/X7 - Off peak journeys between 1000 and 1430 on Service X7 will not serve Belmont Rd, Wiltshire Rd and Cox Row but run direct along Falkland Rd to Chestnut Avenue, Asda Rdbt and Bournemouth Rd to rejoin X7 at Leigh Rd junction.  This will give a more frequent and Monday to Friday service from Eastleigh and Velmore to Asda as well as introduce a new shoppers bus from Hiltingbury to Asda.

X9 - The 0657 journey from Bishops Waltham arriving at 0811 in Eastleigh Bus Station will be extended to Barton Peveril College arriving 0816. The 1616 journey from Eastleigh Bus Station will start from Barton Peveril College at 1613. The above will only operate College Days.

ASDA Fareham - A NEW Link will be introduced from Highlands to Asda and a revised timetable will apply.

401 - The afternoon journey from Barton Peveril College will depart at 1620 and allow students to use this bus for Hedge and the X4 timed at 1620 for West End. This will assist with capacity problems from the past.

402 - This service will NO LONGER serve Shannon Way and Wicklow Drive at Valley Park

406 - There will be a REVISED ROUTE from Tesco Bursledon as now to Netley, Victoria Rd, Grange Rd, Newtown RD, Weston Lane, Archery Rd, Weston Grove Rd than as now to Orpen Rd, then Bursledon Rd, Warburton Rd, Hinkler Rd, Thornhill Park Rd, then as now to Barton Peveril College.

407 - There will be a revised route from Bishops Waltham to Swanmore, Waltham Chase then Lower Upham, Fair Oak to Barton Peveril College.

408 - NEW SERVICE taken over from Emsworth and District running from Droxford, Meonstoke, Soberton, Wickham, Shedfield, Shirrell Heath, Durley, Horton Heath, Fair Oak to Barton Peveril College

409 - NEW SERVICE from Knowle Village to Fareham then Highlands to Barton Peveril College

501 - This was the 616 service for Hamble School but a new route will operate including the former Lucketts 542 service from Park Gate, Sarisbury, Lowford, Thornhill and Sholing.

502 - NEW SERVICE replaces the old 505 service which finished on 19 July 2016. This service will operate from Bishopstoke, Riverside then Hamilton Rd, Underwood Rd, Fair Oak Rd to Wyvern College. There will be no service for Stoke Park Schools

503 - This service will NO LONGER serve Shannon Way and Wicklow Drive at Valley Park

505 - This service has last day of operation on 19 July 2016. See 502

506 - This service will depart from Mortimers Lane 5 minutes LATER at 0805

507 - This was the 610 service for Cams Hill School now re-numbered 507. Please note this service will be WITHDRAWN at Christmas 2016.